Category: Adult

Date: 2017-06-28

Icebreaker: Recite Watoto Church vision.

Worship: Worship the Lord in Song


Topic: Watoto Church Vision

1. Which part of our Vision inspires you?
2. How can you as an individual participate in the Vision?
3. How can you as a cell practically participate in the vision for the next 6 months. Come up with 2 vision related goals that you'll pursue as a cell.
4. Pray together.

1. Care for community as Sections, Zones or Regions on Sat, 1st July 2017. Plan for the Church-Wide Seed Projects. Let’s together bring healing to our cities and nation #CaringForCommunity. 2. Mid Year Evaluation for all leaders (regionals, zonals, sectionals and cell leaders) on Saturday 15th July 2017 at Watoto Church Ntinda. 3. The Marrieds WAR ROOM Bible study was launched two weeks ago. Register from your Celebration Point and get yourself a COPY OF THE WAR ROOM STUDY GUIDE FOR only 10K. Also sign up and be part of this experience in a Marrieds' cell.