Category: Adult

Date: 2017-06-21

Icebreaker: How would you creatively wish your father a “Happy father’s day”? Compose a short song or poem.

Worship: Worship the Lord in Song

Scripture: Genesis 18:19

Topic: KEYS TO A BLESSED FAMILY: The father’s mandate!

1. What is your most favorite memory of your father or your father figure?
2. God has given fathers a key mandate in their children’s lives. Discuss ways in which they fulfill this mandate.

It’s third Wednesday of the month; so let’s take some time in prayer for the family.
Let’s pray;
• That we will be able us use the keys we’ve learnt to unlock God’s blessing in our families; covenant relationships, family mission and the father’s mandate.
• For the family of the nation of Uganda; that Uganda will continue to be blessed and will prosper economically, politically and socially.

1. Care for community as Sections, Zones or Regions on Sat, 1st July 2017. Plan for the Church-Wide Seed Projects. Let’s together bring healing to our cities and nation #CaringForCommunity 2. The Marrieds WAR ROOM Bible study was launched on Sunday, at your district. Register and get yourself a COPY OF THE WAR ROOM STUDY GUIDE FOR only 10K. Also sign up and be part of this experience in a Marrieds' cell. 3. History Makers Camp 2017 is here! 15th to 21st of August 2017 in Hoima, S.6 Vacists, university students and fresh graduates will be converging in Hoima for a funpacked God-encounter like no other. Cost is 210k. Please donate clothes, soap among others items for the mission activities. 4. If you would like to be a mentor to young adults at Watoto Church, please contact any of these numbers: 0773102055 or 0777774188 #We Are Family