Category: Adult

Date: 2017-06-14

Icebreaker: We all want to be healthy, how many push-ups can you do?

Worship: Worship the Lord in the splendour of His holiness.

Scripture: Genesis 1:27-28, Genesis 18:17-19, Deuteronomy 6: 1-3

Topic: KEYS TO A BLESSED FAMILY: Family Mission!

Two weeks ago, we started a series on “KEYS TO A BLESSED FAMILY.” The first key we looked at was “Covenant Relationships”; that for any family to be strong and healthy, the relationships within the family (Husband and wife, Parents and Children and between Siblings) need to be based on a covenant. This week, we look at the second key which is, “THE FAMILY MISSION”
1. Briefly explain what a "Family Mission" means to you.
2. How do we discover our Family Mission?
3. What are the dangers of a Family without a Mission?
4. What are the benefits of having a mission as a family?

1.The 1st Annual Marketplace Business Expo is here!!!Fri 16th (2-8pm) to Sat 17th (8am-7pm) June at Watoto Ch | Downtown, Great speakers, and also come see the Products & Services our Church members have to showcase. 2.Let’s paint our communities with love, as Sections, Zones or Regions, plan for the Church-Wide Seed Projects happening on Sat, 1st July 2017. #CaringForCommunity