Category: Adult

Date: 2017-05-31

Icebreaker: Have each person share one thing that makes them different from everyone else in their family.

Worship: Worship the Lord in the splendour of His holiness.

Scripture: Genesis 24: 34-36

Topic: WE ARE FAMILY: Keys to a blessed family!

1. What does a blessed family look like?
2. God wants to bless families. What are some of the challenges hindering families from enjoying God’s blessings?
3. Key 1: Covenant relationships. What are these covenant relationships? Why are they crucial to enjoying the blessing of God in a family?
4. Pray together for families and your personal needs.

1. Marrieds seminar with Bob & Audrey Meisner; All married and engaged couples are invited for this life transforming even. A powerful testimony of love and forgiveness. Sat 3rd June, 9am-1pm at Watoto Church| Downtown. 2. Married couples: We invite all married couples to find a marrieds cell and prepare to be part of the planned equip classes. Contact the assistant pastor at your celebration point for assistance. 3. Baptism and Baby dedication is on Sun, 11th June 2017. Please pick up baby dedication forms from your Celebration point. Inquire for when the baptism preparatory classes will be happening. 4. Report online. Inquiries: or Call/Whatsapp 0776001978